Saturday, 6 April 2013

A to Z: Food

I am a great food lover.

Wonderful in fact. I'm so modest.

I very much enjoy eating it when I go out, and sometimes I even try foods unknown to me. I'm always interested in learning which things I enjoy and which I don't, mostly in the pudding department. However, there's one downfall to my food love.

I'm not a good cook. I can do basic meals, but ask me to do something fancy, or even a roast, or a three course dinner? No way. I don't know how chefs do it, and all at once too.

Only, I love baking. I have a cupboard full of baking things. I watch the British Bake Off, and Masterchef and those kinds of programmes, and love it.On my Pinterest account I have a plethora (isn't that a great word?) of recipes for cakes and muffins and a couple of savoury meals too.

I always look on Pinterest, and at cookery programmes and think to myself that one day I'll do it. I very rarely do. This is mainly because when I go shopping I look at the prices of things and work out if I can afford to do a really nice meal that I may or may not burn. The answer is pretty much unswervingly no.

My best meal to date, that I have actually mastered (amazingly) is pasta bake. Everyone seems to enjoy it, so much so in fact that my culinary prowess in this area has swept across my family and when I told my mum I was making it tonight, she almost cancelled her meal for one to have some. If you want to woo your friends and family by making this awesome pasta, I was so proud I made a blog post, which you can find right here.

So yes, I like food. A lot. Sweet things in particular.
I'll tell you my favourite. It's marzipan. I'm heartbroken because my boyfriend hates marzipan. Its a travesty.

What's your favourite food?

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