Thursday, 25 April 2013

A to Z: Vader

Back to the Future 2 movie poster,
from Google.
Darth Vader to be precise.
He's pretty cool really.

So this post is all about my inner geek. I believe we should all embrace our inner geek.
More recently it is more acceptable socially to have geekish tendencies, with the huge popularity of Big Bang Theory (which follows a group of geeky men, and a fairly normal girl, in their daily lives) and it's endorsement of Star Wars, Star Trek, Action Figures, Super Heroes, Advanced Science and all sorts of geekery.
Also loads of people love Star Wars and Star Trek, Comic books and other supposedly geeky things.

So I thought I would show all of you my inner geek.

First and foremost I shall tell you my favourite film. It is Back to the Future 2. I'm a massive sucker for time travel, especially futuristic time travel. I love films set in the future too, just so I can take note of all the awesome things that people have thought of in these made up worlds and see if any of them happen in real life. It has to be back to the Future 2 because of the time paradox and the future, and it being the first thing that made me think about how your actions change everything in your life. Even the smallest thing has a consequence (which I was later to find out about in The Butterfly Effect, admittedly).

Doctor Who is yet another time travel show I absolutely love. I am currently hankering after a Tardis cookie jar (complete with noises), and possibly something with the sonic screwdriver. The Doctors personality (especially the last two) is just awesome, and to be honest, who wouldn't hop in the Tardis and travel with the doctor, and come back in time to watch your favourite TV show? There are a few places I'd definitely want to go to, like 1920s America, maybe LA or new York, and definitely to the future.

Big Bang Theory is awesome, and I'm very proud of myself for understanding geeky Star Trek jokes and some scientific theories.

Is being really frugal a bit geeky? Possibly. I think this counts. I'm ridiculously frugal, but I do love it. It means you get to be creative.

I also really like comic book films. This has been getting increasingly more popular with the success of the newer Marvel films. Though I will say that the Hulk one wasn't that great and.. I know this could be controversial.. I prefer Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk.

I probably have a lot more geeky qualities, but these will do for now.

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