Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A to Z: Irritations

This is a list of the first irritations I could think of.

1. Pigeons and other winged pests sitting in the middle of the road when you're trying to drive. My car is too low and small to be bashing into them, much as I would love to.
1a. Related to this, I also hate it at night when people drive really close behind me, because all I can see is headlights. My car is too low for that. I slow down.

2. Mothers that push prams in your face, run over your toes and are generally nuisances. It's like by putting their child in a pram or buggy thing they have become their mothers' personal battering ram.

3. Children. Enough said (sorry, but you can't say it's not true).

4. People who think they can sing but are terrible. This is the worst thing about X Factor. Because when told they're terrible they always argue. I'm one of those people who know they can't sing that well, yet sing all the time anyway. I guess that could also be irritating.

5. When you get down to your last malteaser. Or any sweet in fact.

6. Flies and other such bugs. Especially on my windscreen.

7. People from random companies calling you over and over and over again.You're not answering. Why can't they get the message?

8. People who play crappy music really loud in public places.

9. When people never answer their phones.

10. Rude people. Or really snobby people. Both are very annoying.

Bonus: Those people who always complain about minor irritations.

You can tell I got bored towards the end.

What most irritates you?

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