Thursday, 4 April 2013

A to Z: Demons.

This one, as you may have guessed by the subject matter, is a little more serious. But also completely not.

I could talk about demons as in hell demons, or inner demons or... er... other demons of some kind?
Or both. Both is good.

Demons are the subject of many a book or film, TV show or story. They can be absolutely anything, from human-like beings with dark magical powers (Charmed) or some crazy monsters that are nothing like humans (um, you know, everything else, including basic folklore).

Oddly enough, I've actually done a little research for this one, and Wikipedia has some very good (yet not entirely dependable) pages on demons, demon classification and demonology, for those of you who think that demons is actually quite an interesting topic.

Inner demons go pretty well with the notion of creatures from hell. This is because certain demons correspond with the seven deadly sins (you know: pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, lust, wrath, greed) You can find information on that right here in this link. So, when you feel jealous of someone with a really nice car, its really easy to tell yourself that it's the demons talking, not you.

If you type 'demon furby' into google, this is what you find.
So that's enough of the slightly more serious stuff. As interesting as it is, I'm getting slightly bored.

Demons should be fun. I think the challenge for today is to think of the most hideous demon you can think of, and think of what kind of demon it is.
Personally I'm going for a monstrous baby pink concoction which is as small as a kitten yet has massive sharp jaws. It also spews fluorescent orange poison-slime out of a blowhole that you assume to be on it's head. It isn't. I guess it kind of looks like a cross between a Furby and a Jigglypuff. Only less annoying than a Furby and not as cute as a Jigglypuff. If it and a Furby were in a demon fight, the Furby would probably win.
It is the demon of cuteness.

In fact, I always hated Furbys. They're probably the most demonic of things.

Now it's your turn. Please cave in to my demonic desires.

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  1. Furbys are demonic. I had to do some research on demons for a book I was working on. Fascinating, and some of them are more sympathetic than people give them credit for.


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