Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Future Freaks Me Out.

(That song, by the way, is by Motion City Soundtrack. Check it out: The Future Freaks Me Out- Motion City Soundtrack).
(And by the way, it only freaks me out a little.)

I was a little bored, so I decided to Google 'Futuristic Cars'. There were absolutely fascinating results. They were pretty awesome I have to tell you. So, can you imagine it. Cars like this:

Cars that hover/fly?

Ones that are practically all wheels?

A car that can go both on land and in water?

As you can see the concepts are all there.
It got me thinking about the future in general. (And how much, as much as I utterly love Back to the Future 2, it is really obviously going to be completely wrong.)

So what kinds of things might be in store for us in the future? If only we knew. I'd be getting down to changing some of it right now.
Such as if I end up as a spinster, I'd be making sure that my cats were the good sort. (Staying out of my bloody way.)

Wikipedia has an excellent page on the Future, if anybody is interested. (I've linked it and everything).
That's if there is one of course. Didn't many religions predict the ending of the world on various dates throughout history? What if there is no future?
The rather gloomy film 2012 depicts the mass freak weather occurrences that will supposedly destroy the earth in 2012.
I'm pretty sure that there are many other films like this, only less well known. (And mostly featuring Aliens...)

So what do I hope for in my future?
To be alive, for one.
Basically what most people want: A good job with a good amount of money, a lovely family, and a rather large mansion with grounds the size of Wales.
(And for there to be an awful 80's Diner so I can practically be in Back to the Future 2, not to mention the technology and cars fueled by rubbish.)

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