Thursday, 14 May 2015


The other day I was spending my free time on twitter, as usual, and came across and article on Sugarscape about short girl problems. While I felt it was very good, there was definitely more to be said on the subject. (You can read the article here).

There are many short girls out there, and what we lack in stature we make up in sass. One of my best friends is below 5 foot. She's the only person I know shorter than me, and I also work with her, so this ones for you, because I know you'll relate to this more than anyone else. She is also probably the bossiest person I know, and everyone should be very afraid of her.

In fact, at my workplace we have uncommonly short staff, and unreasonably tall staff. It's one or the other, there are only a few people in between. So to start me off, I'll list work-related issues, and move on to others.

1. Everything is made for giants. (AKA normal sized people)
This is actually also an everyday problem. At work I have issues in working behind the bar because the glasses are too high, as are the bottles of alcohol, as is the actual bar. People cannot see me behind the till and think that nobody is behind the bar.

We also can't reach the top shelf, or even the second to top shelf.
Those bars on the tube? Not a chance in hell.
Most of the time if I'm alone I use props to get things, or run after a tall person and beg them to get it for me.

Image from google.
2. The jokes.
Don't get me started on the jokes. Just think Lord Farqaad from Shrek jokes.

3.When I sit on chairs my feet don't touch the floor.
Or sofas.. or anything. People have laughed.

4. When I'm in town with my boyfriend, sometimes we get weird looks. He's 6 ft.
One time I got ID'd for a 15 film. I was 20. He went in and bought it for me.
Also, yes I do have to get on my tiptoes to kiss him.

5. I look like I'm staring at your boobs. I'm really trying not to, but they're right in my line of vision.

6. Hugs with tall people make you feel even smaller.
Because they can wrap their arms completely around you.
Hugs with more than one person can be claustrophobic.

7. People use your head as an arm rest.

8. I've met 10 year olds who are taller than me.

9. Trying to do things in the house turns into a nightmare.
Because the tall people put things in high places, and cupboards are too tall. This sums it up perfectly too:

Image from google

10. Finding clothes that fit us.Luckily, I don't have to shop in the kids section or on specialist sites, but I know some of us do. But I do have a jeans issue. Even the short jeans are not short enough. A midi dress looks like a long dress on me, and a long shirt is a dress.

11. Driving.
I pretty much have to put my seat all the way forward. In some cars, this is not enough and it requires an extra cushion, or two. Maybe a booster seat. I also have to pump it as high as I can to see over the steering wheel. You have no idea how many comments I get on this. And trying to defrost the car is a nightmare. I cant reach to the middle of my windscreen very well, so use the curb to boost me.

12. Riding a bike.
Cars are not the only mode of transport that cause issues. Recently I went on holiday and stupidly hired a bike. I had to jump on it every time I wanted to ride it because it was too tall, and the seat was the whole way down. I also had to stand on my tiptoes.

This is what happens.
Image from google.
13. When you sit behind someone, you cannot see anything.
Which is why I debate bringing a cushion to the cinema and theatre.

14. Mirrors are usually too high.
Remember when people took mirror selfies? That didn't work out so well.
Have some photographic evidence.

That's not all, but it's as many as I dare to list while still trying not to sound whiny.
There are some great things about being short too, like being able to get people to do things for you, and fitting in smaller spaces.

I hope other small girls agree!
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