Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A to Z: Type

I'm talking body type today. Sorry boys, but as I'm a woman I'll be talking more about women body type and body issues, although I do acknowledge that men can also have just as many body woes as women, and are affected by the same debilitating illnesses and embarrassments too.

To start, every person has a body. We're stuck with that body. It is ours. Long or short, large or small, wrinkly or smooth. And each and every one is different. That's what makes us unique (as well as our awe-inspiring personalities and sparkling wit).
But with women we all have body types, be that pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular, triangle, athletic and so on, you will fit into a category. That category is god in the clothes department.
Channel 4 has a wonderful and in depth beauty area that can tell you what your body type is, and what clothes to wear. I would fully recommend it. We also owe it to icons such as Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah for showing us the way in these areas. Here's the Link. 
(Also, if you haven't seen Gok Wan in anything I suggest you go watch How to Look Good Naked right now)

The thing about our bodies though, is that there's so much to them that people end us disliking parts - or even all - of it.Everyone has things that they're not overly keen on. For me, it's my thighs. they're wobbly and riddled with cellulite and stretch marks. But, it's no big deal. So what if they are? There are plenty of women out there with legs just like mine. Perhaps the only difference between them and me is they know how to flaunt it. Over the years I have become much less conscious of my body, I'm very glad to say. I think teenage angst has a lot to say for itself in the body image department. But once you move away from your teenage fears and get a reality check, that's when your body can be something you start to love and flaunt.

Dove has a great advert that shows what real women look like instead of those ridiculously proportioned models. It's very inspirational. The picture is on the top right. Dove also has a very interesting advert about how you see yourself that I also thought was very moving. Here's the advert.
Dove really does have a wonderful message about real beauty.
Saying this, there are some that disagree with the advert Like This One. But I think that it's true that we are our own worst critics and that if we saw us as the world, or someone we love sees us, we wouldn't be so afraid.

I would love for us all to love our bodies no matter what, but as that's a pretty big ask I'll just ask you to focus on something you really love about yourself. Two things actually. One is a body part or facial feature, the other is a personality trait. Select two things you love about yourself.
Now be proud of them.

I'll share mine of you share yours.

Mine: My eyes and my weird sense of humour.

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  1. That sketching video was really moving, wow. It's so interesting how self-perception works.
    I'm having a bad body image day today - going on holiday I've been trying to exercise, eat carefully, etc, but I'm having one of those days where I just feel quite hungry and want to eat. And this post has made me feel a bit better about letting myself, because what I see in myself is probably nothing like how others see me.
    I guess, I'd pick my hands and the fact that I am quite a passionate person.


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