Thursday, 11 April 2013

A to Z: Jam

I love Jam.

Any jam: homemade, shop bought, squeezy or jelly, thick or thin, I adore the stuff. Though I do love a massive batch of the homemade goodness (not that I've tried making it yet, but I'm I will).

I enjoy browsing the jam and spreads section of the supermarket, love the more odd and less traditional flavours of the farmers market and adore the the thought of it on porridge.

In fact, that's mainly what I have it in. Porridge. Or semolina. Sometimes on crumpets as a treat or on toast as something not quite as treaty.

My favourite is raspberry.
But most flavours will do.

I also like marmalade but would never purposefully pick it out to eat. However I do like Paddington Bear.

That's just Jam for you.

I'm terribly sorry about this post. I know it's not very informative or funny. But i got told to write about Jam, so I am.

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