Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A to Z: Cringe

To cringe is to find something incredibly embarrassing or disgusting, either for you or for another person (in which case you are feeling empathy - something you should rethink). It's also where you wince away from something horrible.

Image from Tumblr.. or Google.
Either one really.
Today I shall list some things that make me cringe.

1. People spelling things completely wrong, or bad basic grammar.Such as using there, their and they're incorrectly. I always have a huge urge to correct them. Mostly I do.
1a. Also, people using Americanisms when they're British (things like 'sidewalk' and 'band-aid' just sound weird in an British accent).

2. Nasty sounds. Such as nails on chalkboard, a fork scraping a plate...those kinds of sounds.They make my jaw feel weird.

3. I'm a Celebrity food challenges.Eating an animal's 'nads. No. Just no.

4. People smashing into glass doors. Don't get me wrong, it is hilarious, but not when it happens to you.

5. Kristen Stewart's really bad acting.Sorry for those who like her, but she's awful.

6. Either in real life or in a film or TV when someone is injured and it's a bloody mess. Broken bones etc. I particularly hate having blood taken, and people talking about things like blood clots.

7. Courtesy of Edward: People saying "Cringe" when embarrassing things happen.

I would go to ten, but I'm sure there are some great cringe-y things that you can think of.
So, is there anything that really makes you cringe?


  1. Those grammatical errors definitely make me cringe too! And there is a type of Swedish grammatical error that is becoming more and more common for some reason, to write words that are supposed to be written as one word, as two words instead. It can be very funny but it definitely makes me cringe!!
    I'm probably guilty of using American words, but I also use words from British English and also from Irish English, because my English has been influenced from so many different people from different places. I hear a lot of American English on TV, but I tend to lean towards British English, or even more towards Irish English since I have lived in Ireland. And since English isn't my mother tongue, I can't help it unless I spend a lot of time on it which I don't want to do.

    1. Thanks for commenting :). That is odd, I've never seen anyone do that yet (unless I just didn't notice). Is it like someone saying Every where instead of everywhere? That would make me cringe too.
      It's only when American words sound really unnatural. I guess it's like when people have been to primary school themselves and were brought up in England but still insist on calling it Kindergarten.

  2. I so agree with the grammatical errors. Sometimes if I've been a bit careless or redrafted my words, I'll find (horror of horrors) I wrote 'too' instead of 'to' or did the wrong type of 'their' and it's a bit of a facedesk moment. And it's so snobby but when other bloggers talk about how they went to the shops and 'brought' this and that or 'was' instead of 'were' or 'there' instead of 'their' it makes me like their blog a bit less. God, I'm horribly judgemental aren't I hahaha.

    Also, 100% agree with Kristen Stewart's acting (she's especially awful in Twilight, I was shocked that I didn't UTTERLY loathe her in Snow White) and the celebrities eating things that really should not be eaten..! xxx

    1. Aha, the grammar stuff does my head in too. I used to hate it when I was in film reviewing and there was someone else's work on the board. Some people riddle their writing with errors, and they all reckoned they could be journalists. I agree with you on Kristen Stewart too. She wasn't that bad in Snow White and the Huntsman. I think it might have had something to do with Chris Hemsworth taking away all of her limelight by simply being there though.. And have you noticed that her 'turning into a vampire' sound is exactly the same as her 'choking on a mouldy apple' sound. Just putting it out there.. I don't think choking and slowly dying from vampire poison should sound the same. xxx


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