Monday, 8 April 2013

A to Z: Games

Everyone loves games. Whether that be mind games or board games, it's true for everyone (mostly).
Growing up games are a huge part of life because basically, it's all you ever do. At least, it's all I ever remember doing. We'd play role playing games in the garden, make our beanie babies talk to each other and Lego men fly over canyons in some of the least streamlined contraptions known to man.

When me and my sister were little we would play games for hours and never get bored. Heck, you could give us a box and call it a space ship and we could be there for days, especially if it was a Tardis, now that would have been great. We would race snails, play in our den, play buses on the stairs, try Pokemon trading cards (and failing because nobody knew the rules of that game) and all sorts of other games at school. Some classics were probably the yoyo craze and the Pokemon cards craze. Those were some good times.

When you grow older you don't just grow out of this. At Halloween in my early teens I still used to pretend to be a witch and cast magic spells. In fact, that would probably still be true today if I went trick or treating. We started playing more grown up games, like Monopoly, card games and other board games. Only now we actually tried to win and fully understood the rules of the game, though I was still prone to cheating.

Earlier than this though, came the computer games and games consoles. We would play Master of Olympus for hours on the computer, and play Toejam and Earl on the Sega Megadrive. Anyone? Anyone? No, I thought not. I honestly don't know anyone else who ever played that game. Then the Playstation 1 came, and The Sims came with it, and I was obsessed. I think once I played it for 8 hours in one day. That's pretty bad. So fast forward a few years and you've got the Wii and the X-Box and all sorts of other contraptions, and although we played on those, we still played on the classic board games too.
Nowadays, and for a few years now too, my mum plays these newfangled mini games on the computer. I do think sometimes she goes overboard. But things like Farmville and the like are ever increasing in popularity. I think they're rubbish, but lots of people would disagree.

For those who were wondering, this is what Toejam and
Earl looks like. Yes, it was weird. From Google.

My current favourite board games are Absolute Balderdash and The Big Taboo, both of which are great games and i would recommend them to you. I still enjoy playing The Sims, though nowadays I'm treated to more FIFA and Halo than I would like, courtesy of living with the boyfriend.

This has been a very nostalgic post, and if you were born in the early 90's or late 80's you probably get it more than most other generations.


  1. Snap! I picked the same G for my A to Z too. I like the fact computer games have become so main-streamed and acceptable for all ages to spend their time on.

    Plus there's nothing better than breaking out a board game when the family get together for some assured laughing till your sides hurt.

    Have a great A to Z!
    Joey @startmyquest

    1. Thank you, I am having a great A to Z, although some of my posts suffer from tiredness and lack of effort.
      Well, great minds do think alike. Yeah, I like that too. Nowadays theres a game for everyone, so I'm glad my mum can have just as much enjoyment playing Crash Bandicoot as my boyfriend does playing Halo.
      Definitely agreed on the board games. It's always a winner in my family.


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