Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A to Z: Night

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This will be a very short post because I'm tired.

Night time is my favourite time of day. Especially in summer.I prefer driving at night, when nobody is around for car headlights to glare at you, or beep constantly, or tailgate you. That gets increasingly more annoying when it's dark, your car is low and all you can see in your rear view mirror is a bulk of car and headlights on full beam. However, when it's later on, and you're driving down country roads or a deserted motorway with music humming in the air it's just lovely.

I especially love the smell. When you're out at night next time, and are either in the countryside or in a garden or a place that has trees and flowers and such (and even sometimes in a place that doesn't have those things) you can smell the lovely fresh air. Do it in summer, when the flowers are blooming and you're sitting in your back garden as the sun goes down. Take in a nice, big lungful of air and relax. Although I even like it in winter, just leaning out of my window with cold air in my face, and breathing in the midnight air.

Also, you get to see the stars. It's something I really appreciated when I moved back home from Uni. I could see the stars again, and I could stand in my back garden and breathe in my air and just watch them for ages.

I think this is more of a post about taking a small moment out of life to look around you and appreciate it. To just do nothing for a bit, and relax.

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