Monday, 25 October 2010

Why what happens in clubs should stay in clubs.

Don't you find that when you go out sometimes the oddest things happen to you? It's more likely when you're only with a few people, or with people you barely know, or just in a weird place.

This happened to me a while ago. It was the strangest night out I have ever been on.
I shall tell you part of the chain of events.

Firstly I must tell you a particular highlight: There was a very drunken girl whom me and my friend managed to convince (exceedingly easily) that we were lesbians. She then proceeded to call us her 'lesbian vagina friends'.

That was weird.

Then there was the two marriage proposals my friends had. Two. That's one each. One was a random guy in a club that asked my friend to marry him, and then he tried to kiss her. He got her eye. We swiftly intervened.

The other was in the kebab shop afterwards (where we bought a reeeally good pizza, which was probably utterly crap when you're not completely slaughtered). This guy told my other friend that she would go on to marry a.. oh, what was it... ah, that's it.. a snob. (Because she wasn't going to marry him). I don't even think he was drunk.

(I'm still debating whether it's a good or bad thing that I didn't get a marriage proposal... Despite me being the only single one at the time. I think the conclusion is that I'm either exceptionally lucky, or the average one. I'm going to go with the first option.)

In fact, the other day when me and my sister went out with some friends from uni, she was the one who was being chatted up (badly) by a very drunk guy. I wasn't. I'm pretty sure my dear boyfriend would find this very comforting. Even more so because I actually very rarely am approached by men when out clubbing.

Which used to be a little, you know, upsetting I guess, but now I'm glad really. Mainly because most I would assume are likely to be:
A) About to be sick on you
B) Cocky and have a unique ability to make a person feel exceedingly uncomfortable
C) Just plain weird.

So, to finish this blog that I started quite a while ago, nights out can be really very weird. My best advice I can give you is to brush up on self defence techniques and become an expert at avoiding creepy people.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Katy Perry made a good point.

Following on from another post that was made (not by me, but by Ed), I wondered about the answer to that age-old question... 'Would you rather die in Fire or Ice?'. 

Yes, perhaps a little morbid.
Maybe instead: 'Would you rather be really cold, or really hot?'.

I decided that personally, I'd rather be really cold, because at least then you would be able to put more clothes on if you needed to.
You cant exactly escape heat.
But with the cold you can wrap yourself up from head to toe in a warm, snuggly man errr... blanket/jumper and sit in front of a nice big fire.
And read a book in front of it.
Sounds like heaven.

Back to the topic at hand. Being really hot would be horrible. You'd want to take off all your clothes and you'd be uncontrollably sweaty.
Whilst this sounds like something that may be not be seen as bad, it wouldn't be great. Mainly because the thought of another stupidly hot body anywhere near you at that kind of heat would send you spiralling into fits of panic.

Although, being extremely cold also has it's downfalls. We can't forget hypothermia, incessant dribbly noses (possibly turning into icicles), not to mention frostbitten hands and feet. And then, even in a smaller amount of cold, a nose that feels as if it's going to drop off with cold, and ears that hurt through the iciness.
I wouldn't be happy.

Perhaps that leaves me undecided.

Although I guess the real question would be: Would you rather have snow outside, but be sitting in your living room, fire ablaze, reading a good book and nursing a cup of tea/hot chocolate (Or if you're a little odd like me, warm Ribena) OR sun-bathing, scantily clad on a white beach somewhere with a pina colada and pine trees swaying in a warm breeze?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Ink-lination to Tattoo.

When I realised i hadn't blogged about tattoos yet, I was quite taken aback, its something that I'm fond of. I have four of them myself. So yes, this blog may be particularly biased, but I'll try to make it as balanced as I can.

Tattooing, according to Wikipedia (yes, I know it's an awful source of information, but it'll do) ,apparently dates back to Ötzi the Iceman (That link is to the Wikipedia page) in around the fourth to fifth millennium BC.
That's pretty far back.
It's been speculated that tattoos were used in many different ways in the past. As signs to ward off evil or bring luck, as a form of medical treatment, for aesthetic purposes of course, or as a form of identification. Wikipedia lists some very interesting uses, and there is a whole history and mine of information on this page: Wikipedia-Tattoo.

Of course, even with their growing popularity tattoos are still seen as negative by many people. This could have many reasons. Ranging to religion, links to serious organised crime gangs and the fact that some tattoos are just plain weird.

Mostly I'd like to point out that although I think tattoos (mostly) look gorgeous, and can mean many different and amazing things (although sometimes are literally only for show) , there is always going to be a health risk with them.
Although to be honest, only if you don't look after it properly. (Such as infections etc) Also, i would recommend only going to reputable tattoo artists with sterile studios. Please make sure of this, because there are severe health risks (such as HIV and other blood-transferable nasties) if you do not.

Enough with the bad things.

Now for the good, and the weird, as I'd like to show you a particularly odd person. Apparently, this guy holds the world record for 'Most Body Modifications'. I think somehow you can tell.

Meet Cat-Man. (Or, as he prefers it, Stalking Cat)
A very odd looking guy. But awesome if you're really really really into cats.  Here's a Daily Mail article on him if you're thinking just the picture is weird and/or if you're morbidly fascinated.

Yes, so, the good part.
Well, I think tattoos are beautiful, as is well known. I have a phoenix on my back, an ivy leaf on my wrist, flowers and bugs on my foot and three circles on the back of my neck. All mean a lot to me, they all are symbols that stand for things that I hold dear to me. I think that's why people should have tattoos, to show themselves on the outside. :)
Here's my phoenix just after it was done:
Before you ask, yes, it was painful, but it was well worth it. (And my foot hurt the most).

Of course, there are other forms of tattoos that are not permanent, and I would fully recommend these ones if you are particularly changeable.
These can be ones such as Temporary adhesive tattoos (the ones found in shops, which can be quite pretty, and equally child-like, but great if you're dressing up as a fairy and want butterfly transfers). Or Henna tattoos, although if you dye your hair, I'm pretty sure most hair dyes say to be careful if you've ever had a Henna tattoo. I have no idea why.
Also there are airbrush ones.

To end, yes, I did take up a stupid amount of time trying to make a witty title, only to fail horrendously. :)
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