Sunday, 5 August 2012

The 10 Day You Challenge : 6 Places

I have a rather large list of places I want to go to, some of them are even fairly close to home. I mostly want to go to these places because of the sights and the culture.

1. Peru. And Venezuela, one after the other. For Macchu Picchu, Lima, and the Angel Falls.

2. Norway. To see the Northern Lights and hopefully stay in the Ice Hotel.

3. USA Tour. With special stops in Honolulu and of course Los Angeles. And I've been told that Vermont in autumn is goregous, so there too.

4. Spain and Gibralatar. Gibraltar is where half of my family is from, and I've never been. So that would be nice. And Spain is on the way, so I'll just take a small trip around the beautiful coast.

5. Italy. Verona and Rome in particular. And lets not forget the ruins of Pompeii.

6. Greece. With trips out to lots of islands. But mostly to go to Athens. And Corinth, and possibly have a look at Mount Olympus.

A seventh would be going back to the German Christmas Markets. Because I love them. Gluhwein and Bratwurst? YES.

If I had an eighth, it would be home. Because England is wonderful... and I really want to go to the lake district.

There are lots os places I want to go to, but these are top priority.
Others include Edinburgh, Ireland, New Zealand, Isle of Skye and so on.

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