Thursday, 9 August 2012

The 10 Day You Challenge : 2 Songs

Thinking of only 2 songs is very difficult, so I'm saying two songs that I always love, and sing when I feel good.

1. Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry.
This just makes me crack a smile every time, and I nearly always have a dance to it.
Wild Cherry on Youtube.

2. Your Song by Elton John.
I think it became a firm favourite after watching Moulin Rouge. Because although Elton John is wonderful, Ewan McGregor sings it with a kind of purity that I can never forget.
The Moulin Rouge (Image from Google)
Elton John on Youtube.
Ewan McGregor on Youtube.

And some bonus songs that never fail to make me happy are:
- B52s - Love Shack
- Phil Collins - Invisible Touch
- Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror, Beat It, Black or White
- Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire

If you were thinking modern you were sadly mistaken, I very rarely do modern. It's 80s and beyond predominantly.

Tomorrow is my final post in this challenge, and I'll be sad to see it go. But I'm sure that I'll be doing another challenge very soon (if not, straight after).

1 comment:

  1. haha the first song's playing on the radio right now! and aw, i LOVE when ewan mcgregor sings that in moulin rouge, utterly beautiful xxx


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