Monday, 6 August 2012

The 10 Day You Challenge : 5 Foods

By now, I think everybody knows I have a sweet tooth. A ridiculously sweet tooth. But I'll try to make some of my 5 savoury.

Marzipan Fruits - Picture from Google.
1. Marzipan and Sweets. I've already talked about marzipan, and I love Sugared Almonds too. So I'll just make it simple: Sweet things are my weakness.

2. Cakes. Not all cakes though. No chocolate cakes, no thick icing cakes, no butter icing, no coffee flavouring. Pretty much everything else though.
Churros is delcious, but it's more of a pastry.

3. Pomegranate. So, so good. in fact, most fruit is good. Except Kiwi.

4. Pasta bake. I make a mean pasta bake, and I love it. Lots of cheese, peppers, onion and pasta with a nice creamy tomato sauce. Mmm.

5. There's just so many, I can't choose a fifth. There's Ice cream, Pizza, Chips, delicious Cereal, Chocolate, Paella, Tortillas and Tacos.. So, so many.

Give me any of this and I will always be so very grateful. (Well, I made one savoury.)


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