Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The 10 Day You Challenge : 3 Movies

Movies is also so very difficult. there's a plethora of wonderful movies out there and you want me to choose just three? I'd better make it excellent ones then.

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1. Back to the Future 2. My ultimate favourite movie. Better than the first one because it's more complex, and includes bits of the first one. Though I have to say the Johnny B. Goode part is awesome.
I love films that are futuristic. Some favourite ideas from the future come from Minority report and The Fifth Element.

2. Mulan and/or Hercules. I just can't decide which one I prefer, but there has to be a Disney on this list. Both have good, strong women characters, and awesome male characters so I'm happy. For songs though, Hercules wins hands down.

3. Inception. Because the ideas in it are mind-blowing, and I'm a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. I could watch it again and again.

Other films I thought about, but didn't quite make the top three are:
- Big Fish
- Up
- The Princess Bride
- Captain America
- Star Trek

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