Monday, 25 October 2010

Why what happens in clubs should stay in clubs.

Don't you find that when you go out sometimes the oddest things happen to you? It's more likely when you're only with a few people, or with people you barely know, or just in a weird place.

This happened to me a while ago. It was the strangest night out I have ever been on.
I shall tell you part of the chain of events.

Firstly I must tell you a particular highlight: There was a very drunken girl whom me and my friend managed to convince (exceedingly easily) that we were lesbians. She then proceeded to call us her 'lesbian vagina friends'.

That was weird.

Then there was the two marriage proposals my friends had. Two. That's one each. One was a random guy in a club that asked my friend to marry him, and then he tried to kiss her. He got her eye. We swiftly intervened.

The other was in the kebab shop afterwards (where we bought a reeeally good pizza, which was probably utterly crap when you're not completely slaughtered). This guy told my other friend that she would go on to marry a.. oh, what was it... ah, that's it.. a snob. (Because she wasn't going to marry him). I don't even think he was drunk.

(I'm still debating whether it's a good or bad thing that I didn't get a marriage proposal... Despite me being the only single one at the time. I think the conclusion is that I'm either exceptionally lucky, or the average one. I'm going to go with the first option.)

In fact, the other day when me and my sister went out with some friends from uni, she was the one who was being chatted up (badly) by a very drunk guy. I wasn't. I'm pretty sure my dear boyfriend would find this very comforting. Even more so because I actually very rarely am approached by men when out clubbing.

Which used to be a little, you know, upsetting I guess, but now I'm glad really. Mainly because most I would assume are likely to be:
A) About to be sick on you
B) Cocky and have a unique ability to make a person feel exceedingly uncomfortable
C) Just plain weird.

So, to finish this blog that I started quite a while ago, nights out can be really very weird. My best advice I can give you is to brush up on self defence techniques and become an expert at avoiding creepy people.


  1. You're obviously not that good at avoiding creepy people... you're stuck with me :D

  2. Ahahaha.
    This is true.
    See you soon :) x


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