Thursday, 21 October 2010

Katy Perry made a good point.

Following on from another post that was made (not by me, but by Ed), I wondered about the answer to that age-old question... 'Would you rather die in Fire or Ice?'. 

Yes, perhaps a little morbid.
Maybe instead: 'Would you rather be really cold, or really hot?'.

I decided that personally, I'd rather be really cold, because at least then you would be able to put more clothes on if you needed to.
You cant exactly escape heat.
But with the cold you can wrap yourself up from head to toe in a warm, snuggly man errr... blanket/jumper and sit in front of a nice big fire.
And read a book in front of it.
Sounds like heaven.

Back to the topic at hand. Being really hot would be horrible. You'd want to take off all your clothes and you'd be uncontrollably sweaty.
Whilst this sounds like something that may be not be seen as bad, it wouldn't be great. Mainly because the thought of another stupidly hot body anywhere near you at that kind of heat would send you spiralling into fits of panic.

Although, being extremely cold also has it's downfalls. We can't forget hypothermia, incessant dribbly noses (possibly turning into icicles), not to mention frostbitten hands and feet. And then, even in a smaller amount of cold, a nose that feels as if it's going to drop off with cold, and ears that hurt through the iciness.
I wouldn't be happy.

Perhaps that leaves me undecided.

Although I guess the real question would be: Would you rather have snow outside, but be sitting in your living room, fire ablaze, reading a good book and nursing a cup of tea/hot chocolate (Or if you're a little odd like me, warm Ribena) OR sun-bathing, scantily clad on a white beach somewhere with a pina colada and pine trees swaying in a warm breeze?

1 comment:

  1. for you - scantily clad on a beach

    for me - in front of a fire sipping a new cup of tea like the old man I am :)

    But against everything my head is screaming, my heart says I'd rather be cold. Cryogenics and all that :) x


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