Monday, 1 November 2010

Wedded Bliss, or Wedded Blitz?

(Just to note, I have had inspiration from another Blog, thank you again Ed :D )

 Every time there's a wedding show on TV. Whether it be Wedding House, Four Weddings or Don't Tell The Bride. It stirs up a few ideas with me.

One of the first few things I think of is: 'how the heck did they gather that amount of money for a wedding?', and another is wondering why people are so obsessed with having a completely perfect day.
Because the odds are that something will go wrong.
And usually, it does.
And mostly, the bride makes a massive fuss about it. Could be the cake, the dress, the flowers- it doesn't matter. It may be small or large but a huge uproar will be caused because of it.

I quite abhor fairytale weddings.
A huge fluffy meringue dress? No thanks.
Pink bows, flowers, bridesmaids? Definitely not.
I think maybe the fact that pink isn't my colour, combined with the fact that you won't be able to walk down the aisle, much less dance with your groom, even less than that, go for a pee, really puts me off.

To be honest, I was never really one of those girls that dreams about her wedding. Sure, there's been a bit of thought here and there, especially after watching some ghastly weddings on television. But hasn't practically everybody?

I'd be more concerned with the act of commitment and showing that you love this person. You're going to have to live with them and have children with them after all. (Another thing I'm not entirely fond of at the moment). And maybe the dress. I'd have to choose it. I'd have to feel satisfied that it's right for me.

But instead of taking over the whole wedding and being the typical 'bridezilla', I think I'd much rather talk everything through with the husband-to-be. It is his wedding too after all.
(Then perhaps if it did turn out to be a complete catastrophe, the blame would be equally shared.)

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Saying this, I may also have to choose the cake. My passion for cakes (eating them, not making them) is an awe-inspiring thing.

I've always found it hard to think about the future, especially in relationships. I'm just one of those people who leaves things like decisions and revision (among other things) more to the last minute. So I assume I'd be scared as hell to actually get married. And stricken if or when someone popped the question.

It's all a bit final.

Although I've always thought that if I did happen to get married, then it would be to someone who I truly loved, when the time was right, and if I felt 100% sure that that was what I wanted.
But absolute perfection, unlike so many other brides (especially on television), would be the last thing I would want on my wedding day.

I guess despite everything I may be a bit of a romantic at heart.

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