Sunday, 8 August 2010

Has anyone considered why you would become a Dentist?

The Dentist.
Why does the very thought of going to a tooth specialist give many people feelings of ultimate woe and fear?
I don't really understand.
Then again, my teeth have been perfectly fine all of my short life, with the exception of having an overbite and probably needing braces. But I don't see much point in braces if they are only for aesthetic purposes.

These dentists, that strike fear in so many, why do they do so? They are the conquerer of holes, repairist of the broken and the crowner of the pearly whites (not to mention occasional cleaner). So why is this a bad thing?
Sure, it could be painful. But mostly it's relieving pain.
And it smells a bit. But that is for protection... no bacteria and such infecting our systems.

So after all this why do we still fear it so much, if it's a service to help people?
The workings and fears of the human mind never cease to amaze me.

There are a few annoying thimgs about the dentist though.
Such as the way they bend really really close.. it's pretty uncomfortable, especially when they're staring into your mouth and asking you a question.

Then there's the waiting.
Waiting for an utterly unpredictable amount of time only to find out that you have to pay stupid amounts of money for a few hours of pain. Or worse, paying for the dentist to say to you "They're perfectly fine, as always!", which means you probably haven't even had to go to the dentist for a few years.

There is another theory of why to avoid dentists. They put you through pain and like teeth.
A) It's weird to like teeth
B) People who earn their money to cause pain and look at teeth all day. Slighty sadistic? Possibly.
C) Dentist surgery small talk is very uncomfortable.

But please, don't avoid the dentist. Because if you do you may just end up with no teeth and rotting gums. Frankly, that is utterly disgusting.

One thing you should do though, is listen to the song: 'Dental Care' by Owl City. Because it is really very good and pretty hilarious. :)


  1. I figured it was a long, complicated word that would make me seem really clever but it seems that dentophobia is kinda obvious really.

  2. 'Frankly that is utterly disgusting'
    'It's weird to like teeth'

    You are hilarious


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