Monday, 20 September 2010

The Horror Of The Second-Year Halls.

Side note: The title kind of sounds like a really crappy novel doesn't it?

 Moving into halls for the second time may just be... dare i say it... even worse than the first time. At least then it's a novelty. You're a bright eyed, bushy tailed student, free and independent probably for the first time in your life, and ready to paint the town red. This is how exuberant first-years are. No matter their age.

Now compare that to second years. The novelty has well and truly worn off. Now all you're thinking about is what stupid time the fire alarm will go off at. (For example, about half past 8 this morning. I was asleep at the time. Not a happy bunny.) And, as with all students, probably dreading the first 'fun-filled' lecture of the year.

At least the second and third years in my halls are well past what could be called 'the honeymoon period'. All we want now is a quieter life, a small amount work-oriented, and in my case an early night every once in a while.

But before you embark on the weird and wonderful journey of second-year halls, you've got to move your belongings in. Depending how many willing slaves ... ahem... volunteers you have, this may take a while. Because unpacking a long and perilous (and potentially angst-ridden) business.

Luckily, we have volunteering uni students from my uni to help with this kind of thing. (I.e: Show you where everything is and help move boxes, and then help you around the campus generally.) So, I had a rather large band of merry helpers to do my bidding.
Other universities, however, don't offer this luxurious service of your own private moving-in army. I feel extremely sorry for these people. Especially if, like some people in my halls, they've brought a bench-press with them, or a 44 inch television.
(And no, I'm not actually kidding.)

So, as the day of moving goes on, as the traffic jam starts to flow, and you're practically ready to burst, you get to meet your new house/flatmates.
This could be completely disastrous. (And I am yet to meet some of mine)

To end on a happier note, good luck to anyone living somewhere new with different people/randomers. You may need it. :)

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