Thursday, 27 June 2013

Freak Like Me

On another nostalgic note, who remembers Russell Kane's show 'Freak Like Me'. There weren't many episodes, but when it was on I loved it. There were so many things that made every one of us different and unique. Some were weird collections, like dead bees, some were what we enjoyed doing behind closed doors, like running in circles, some were bathroom habits and how we sleep, and other habits and hobbies, such as the girl who likes small spaces. I personally prefer sticking my head out of the window at night, because I love the smell of the night air and believe that there is such thing as a 'good night' smell.

Here's a snippet of it.(well, 15 mins)

I thought that show was great, because it celebrated our weirdness and uniqueness.
So I'll share with you some of my oddities:

1. I have a habit of collecting notebooks. I love writing lists and random things down, even if it's just a list of things to do today. It makes me feel more productive. I have a notebook for everything and anything, and there's always one in my bag. The only time I won't have one is if I don't have a bag on me, or I'm using a tiny bag for some reason.

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2. Weird food combinations. Mine is ice cream/milkshake and chips (especially Mcdonalds chips and dairy milk Mcflurry). I've actually found not one, not two, but three other people who like and do this. We are planning on a trip to Macdonalds. I like cooked tomatoes but not raw ones, but prefer raw carrots to cooked carrots. Although none of that is as weird as something I watched where a woman ate sofa stuffing. Or cats hair.

3. I personally love singing. Mostly when I'm alone. Always in my car, at the top of my lungs. Because cruising down a country road at 6 in the morning singing along to Fat Bottomed Girls in heaps of fun. I also am a fan of musicals, and frequently my musical CD is churning out a bit of Les Mis for the ride.

Image from Google.

4. I am selective with things I buy. In a supermarket, I will usually pick the second or third product on the shelf (the ones behind the first one). I especially do this with milk and deodorant (because then people haven't sprayed the deodorant and the milk is fresher). I'm also a complete cheapo and buy the cheapest I can, sometimes, but not too often, paying a pittance for bad products, but normally I'm quite good and just spotting bargains.

5. I used to have little packets of decaf coffee in my bag for emergencies. It's a bit like my stash of plasters in my car, and pain relief in my bag. I might carry on doing that as at work we always run out of coffee.

Do you have any weird habits?

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