Thursday, 7 April 2011

Glorious ghosts or Pestering Poltergeists? Either way its Ectoplasmic!

And now I'll be reporting on the subject of the paranormal.. the.. er... ectoplasmal.. the.. ghostly?
Yep, that'll do.
Our first exploratory step into the world of the paranormal is the creepy and weird world of ghosts.

What are ghosts? Well.. we don't have a damn clue to be honest.
But I'm going ahead and saying ghosts are predominantly known as spirits of the deceased, coming back into the world through the spiritual plain to visit their old haunts (haha, get it?) and generally creep people out.
Ghosts are often called many different things: spirits, poltergeists, souls, apparitions... you name it. And ghosts are believed in all over the world, just with different names, like many other paranormal and mythical creatures. But ghosts are the things that people believe in most.
Wikipedia has a very thorough page on all things ghostly. Click HERE for this page.

Once I think I felt a ghost. And once I thought I saw a ghost. Just a blob, nothing special. But the feeling. Like something touched me when absolutely nobody could have. And just thinking about this is making my skin goosebumpy and eyes water.

An Oiuja Board- Picture from Wikipedia
 Which is a weird thing to do really. Why do my eyes water when I think of ghosts? Strange. But it happens every single time.

So ghosts. could be people, could be remnants of ideas, could be dust particles, could be a trick of the light. Could be a really good way of explaining why we lose things so often.

Of course, people have always tried to prove that they've seen these spectres, from photos, telling of past experiences, video, Ouija boards, and probably the most well known, television programmes.
Most Haunted is probably one of the most well known ones (at least in England, and possibly Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures in the USA).
Films are also in on the act. There's the more recent Paranormal Activity (1 and 2), Ghost, Ghostbusters, The Haunting, Casper etcetera. Ghosts and other paranormal ideas, concepts, realities are just another source of enjoyment and interest.
And it's always something good to have a chat about, tell scary stories about and generally worry kids with.

The Day of the Dead -Picture from Google
Something I did find out about in my obvious extensive research (ie. Wikipedia and IMDB search) is the many festivals and general celebrations of death and ghosts and so on. There's Halloween (or All Hallows Eve), The Day of the Dead in Mexico (or All Souls Day, which sounds awesome), The Hungry Ghost Festival in China and many more.

So to finish off, I'm not going to tell you whether ghosts are real or not, because I don't have a clue. But wouldn't it be really interesting if they were?

Also some interesting sites I found along the way: - A website about US most haunted places.
Wikipedia's page on 'Paranormal'
If you're in the UK and want to go ghost hunting, I found THIS website.

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