Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What On Earth is a Blog?

"Blogging?" I hear you say.
"It's all well and good but is it not just a glorified diary?"
Well, no, my friends, it is not.
In fact what most people believe to be a 'glorified diary' can be seen as a device to get yourself noticed in the workplace, a place to write down thoughts and opinions on things that perhaps you didn't even know you cared about.
Such as politics. Before university I didn't give a rats-ass about politics. Now, one year in, I find myself wanting to write about my own views on politics on Facebook and in this blog.

As this is my first blog, I can't say I am very experienced. So bear with me please.
The whole blogging routine is a little mind-boggling to the average human being, yet being at university, where your world practically revolves around using a computer correctly, does give me an advantage.
I have also joined other websites posing as blogs, yet the blogging quality is.. not exactly what I had been hoping for. People see blogging as a way to show others their lives and tell people what happenned in their day. But that is just a diary. And I already have an online diary.
(see for diaries)

I was hoping that this first blog would be funny, but alas, it isn't nearly as funny as my sister's blog. ( Which truly is hilarious in my opinion.
She is a Magazine Journalism student, so she knows what shes.. er.. typing about.

To conclude, I shall make a promise.
I promise to try my uttermost hardest to get my blogging up to a high quality, and to not write diary entries. I also promise to try to update as soon as I think of a good idea for a blog.


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